Review policy

If you’d like to submit a review copy, please place them in a folder with a notecard that specifies the following: price, brief description, how long it’s available (if it’s a limited time freebie/cheapie), a photo and an LM. The folder should be labeled with “For review – (your name)”. Then send the folder to me, Pumpkin Saenz.

Please understand that I review only the items that I like. If I feel as though there are too many flaws, I will not review your item. I like to highlight the good points of an outfit/skin/hairstyle/etc., not dwell on the negative.


Q: So. You accept review copies, eh?
A: Yep, sure do!

Q: I sent you a review copy, how come you haven’t blogged them?
A: There could be numerous reasons – they may not look good on me, they may not have reached me due to capped IMs, might have gotten lost in my inventory or I may have had issues with your items (I usually IM you if this is the case).

Q: How long does it take for you to blog an item?
A: If there are time constraints (i.e. it’s only available for one day), then I try to blog it the same day that I get it. If there are no time constraints, however, it could be up to a week.