Welcome to the 60’s.

Every so often, I get in these moods where I want to dress up in vintage clothes from another era. Sometimes, it’s 70’s funk, other times, it’s from the 1800’s. Heck, I’ve even dressed up as an Aztec princess (I don’t think I blogged it, though. The pic I took was just for fun when I was in my photography phase). Tonight, however, I decided to channel Joan Harris, a la “Mad Men“. Why was I inspired to go for this kind of look? I place the blame squarely on LG Concept’s Yulia dress at The Dressing Room ($70L!).

I wasn’t trying to emulate her per se. Actually, today someone called my look “vintage librarian”. Another exclaimed, “move over, Jackie O!” Ha! Those made me smile. The “vintage librarian” comment did give me an idea. I had thought about trying to find an appropriate office to take a few pictures, but came up empty, so I began looking for libraries. I didn’t really want to take a pic by a bunch of books, so I attached a cigarette (just about everyone smoked in those days) and Librarian Pumpkin went on her smoke break out in the front.


I decided to go with hair from Elikatira, since you can always count on Elikapeka Tiramisu to come up with sleek, classy styles. The glasses are vintage (by SL standards) from Artilleri. Hey, they still look good and they got the job done. The black lacquered pearls are from Haus of Darcy and I thought they fit perfectly. I ran over to *G Field* for shoes because…well, does one really NEED an excuse to buy their shoes?

Don Draper, eat your heart out.



-Dress: LG Concept (Yulia dress in ‘Sherbet’ @ TDR)
-Skin: Laq (Ebba)
-Lipstick tattoo: Pink Fuel (from the ‘Elly’ skin)
-Hair: [e] (‘Charmed’)
-Shoes: *G Field* (‘Alex’ pumps)
-Necklace: .HoD.
РGlasses: Artilleri 
-Cigarette: FNKY!
-Poses: *EverGlow*

About pumpkinsaenz

I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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