Once A Noob…

Recently, Gogo issued a challenge via plurk & her blog: make a new alt & pimp it up for $550L or less. I did the noob challenge last year and had fun, so I decided to do it again this year. SL has some of the most generous designers in any virtual world, so it’s not hard for new avi’s to look nice on the cheap. You just have to know where to look.

I decided to use Pumpkin’s shape. Not because I couldn’t find any reasonably priced, decent shapes (there are plenty), but because I’m a lazy girl. It’s who I am. So, that along with a few shop’s LMs were the only things I transferred to my new alt. The beginning is always bumpy.

Dontcha wish your girlfriend's alt was hot like me?

After putting on my Pumpkin shape, I went to Pink Fuel and got one of the Ember skins for $100L. Then I headed over to Exile and picked up the Kendra hair for free (there’s a shelf of free hair for both men and women). I headed over to FairyTail to stalk their lucky boards. While there, I picked up some of their group gifts, including a really nice pink bow necklace (free if you join their in-world group). I also looked around the marketplace and found some nice eyes from [BC] for free. I wanted simple but cute clothes for my alt, so I headed over to fri.day and picked up their free white cami and a denim mini skirt for $50L. I toyed with the idea of getting makeup tattoos, but decided against it since I’m trying to go as cheap as possible. I did grab some $6L eyelashes from .:Glamorize:.

I love PF skins!

For shoes, I went to Shiny Things and joined their subscribo (and no, I didn’t unsubscribe) and got their cute Zimmy flats once my subscribo status was verified.

Cute Shiny Things shoes! Free!

I really liked the stuff on the lucky boards at FairyTail, so I jumped on my main account to stalk the boards with my alt. Pumpkin looks jealous of the alt.

She's just jealous.

When I went to Exile on the alt, I admired the new Exile releases and decided that I would buy Pumpkin one of the new hairs…which I did, as you can see! I didn’t dare buy the alt any hair because again…I was trying to do this as cheaply as possible and didn’t want to go over the $550L limit…but Pumpkin has no spending limit (provided I have enough L’s in my account, that is).


I love short hairstyles & Kavar always seems to come up with fun, sassy short styles. I love this one, called Miu.

Noob love.

I remember when I first started playing SL. I was a bit overwhelmed with the cost of items. I was hesitant to purchase L’s because I wasn’t quite sure if I’d stick around the game long enough to justify the purchase. Then someone showed me that there are some very generous and talented creators out there. It blew me away that some creators gave away awesome skin, hair, clothes & accessories for free, or nearly free. Like I said before, you don’t have to spend a bundle to look good in SL, you just have to know where to look. Although I would like to suggest that you actually *buy* some items from said creators to help them keep their stores open & to show them your appreciation!

So, if you like what you’ve seen, check out the stores!


On alt:
-Skin: Pink Fuel ($100L)
-Hair: Exile (free)
-Top: fri.day (free)
-Skirt: fri.day ($50L)
-Jewelry: FairyTail (free – group gift)
-Shoes: Shiny Things (free – join the SOM)
-Eyes: [BC] (free)
-Lashes: .:Glamorize:. ($6L)
-Poses: Kuso ($10L each AO pose)
-AO: (not shown, but used) Oracul (free)
Total – $156L

On Pumpkin:
-Skin: Laq (Olivia)
-Hair: Exile
-Top: Tram
-Shorts: *Fishy Strawberry*
Total – none of your beeswax 😛

About pumpkinsaenz

I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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