Get Your Dead On.

Are you dead and loving it in SL? Want a new delightfully dead look? cheLLe has released some new tattoo layers for the living dead girl (or boy) with discriminating tastes. The Living Dead tattoos are my favorite because, well, I love zombies…but the vampire tattoos aren’t without their charm! Below are the zombie tats. They come in blue tint & green tint, three tattoos in each color, with each one progressing in goriness. I decided to pair up the tattoos with a hairstyle that was slightly messy but cute. ‘Cause you know…just because a girl is dead doesn’t mean she can’t have a fashionable hairdo! I grabbed the Clawtooth hair from Collabor88 because it fit the bill.

       Blue tint

                                                                                                                                                                                 Green tint

I like to think that the Living Dead tattoos are coinciding with the season two premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday. Oh yeah, and also maybe because Halloween is just around the corner as well. However, these tattoos aren’t strictly for wearing in October. What about the often forgotten holiday of Zombie Thanksgiving? Or Zombie Black Friday? Zombies like standing in line the day after Zombie Thanksgiving for sales too. Just sayin’.

For those of you who prefer the kind of dead peeps that prefer to suck your blood instead of om-nom-noming your brainssssss, check out the vampire tattoos in the pics below.

                                                                                                                                                                         Messy meal.


 Still clean.

The tattoos are perfect if you’re feeling Halloweeny or just like walking around and freaking people out. The blouse I’m wearing is from PurpleMoon Creations and it’s an exclusive item at their store on the LE.LOOK sim, and you have several colors to choose from. The hair in the last three pics are the new releases from Exile. From the top, we’ve got Caramina, at the very bottom is Sherilyn — both of which are lovely styles. In the middle is the Exile group gift — mesh hair! It comes in two color combos: brown/purple (what I’m wearing in the picture) and blonde/blue.

If you like what you saw, don’t hesitate to stop off at the stores and try demos (if they’re available, that is)! That’s all for now, guys! Be nice to each other in this Second Life.

Skin (underneath the tattoos): Pink Fuel
Tattoos: cheLLe
Hair: Clawtooth@Collabor88 (first two stack pictures) & Exile (last three pictures)
Top:   PurpleMoon Creations (exclusive@LE.LOOK)
Poses: *EverGlow*








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  1. Cochina. Wipe your mouth after you eat!

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