By My Side.

The last two months of 2010 were some of the most chaotic for me, in recent memory. Sure, November and December are traditionally hectic for most people because of the holidays…however, November and December were full of changes for me. I bought a new house (rl) in mid-November and packing all of my belongings into boxes and transporting them into my new home was both difficult and bittersweet. It was exciting and scary at the same time…and unfortunately, it left me with very little Second Life time (even more unfortunately, it left me with even LESS blogging time). Once I was situated, I began logging back into SL, albeit, gingerly. I was ready to dig my nails deep and jump back into blogging…but…then my happy booty landed unexpectedly in the hospital for a few days. After my surgery, I had to take it easy while I recovered, so…no SL time. Now it is 2011, I’m healthier, more energized and ready to dive head-first into blogging once more. I’m not sad to see 2010 behind me…it was a crummy year for the most part. Here’s to hoping that 2011 kicks 2010’s butt and is a much better year for all of us!


I’ve been on a Ben Harper kick as of late. I love his voice & lyrics. One of his songs, “By My Side” kind of inspired the pic below.

“Oh, my care for you
is from the ground up to the sky
it’s over, under, up above
down below and to the side”


Anyhoo, I’m wearing some new faves of mine. The Dion.Shirt from comes in a variety of colors (I’m wearing ‘snake’ in the pictures). Even though it’s a casual style, it still retains its sexiness by being form-fitting. The little bow on the right side on the chest gives it a slightly innocent edge. The jeans are oldies but goodies from Calypso Giano that I found in my invy. The shoes were a SOM gift from Elikatira. They’re an update of ETD’s flats in ‘watermelon’.



The lovely skin I’m wearing is the newest release from Tuli, called Emma. Every time Tuli releases new skin, I can’t help but squeal with delight, just a little 😉
The hair is a new release from ploom called ‘Twilla’. I love ploom!


Check out the stores that I mentioned if you like what you’ve seen! You’re bound to find something that you like, trust me. Adios and hope everyone had a fantastic and safe new year!



-Skin: Tuli
-Hair: ploom
-Jeans: Calypso Giano
-Shoes: Elikatira
-Poses: EverGlow
-Music: Ben Harper

About pumpkinsaenz

I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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