Hello ladies and gents! As the season turns a bit cooler and the sighting of ghosts and ghouls rises, I thought a semi-spooky post was in order. It also helps that a certain designer’s dress also inspired me to get in a blogging mood (so if you get bored, blame Evie).



Evie’s Closet released (today) a pretty cool Halloween version of her wildly popular ‘Fable’ dress. She’s spookied it up with a few blood & dirt stains, not too much though, but enough to let your imagination go wild with ideas of as to how they got there. She’s also got a lucky board with an alternate version of the ‘Fable’ dress (see below).



I decided to take some pictures at an 1800’s London sim to get a Jack The Ripper kind of vibe. Though, with the skin I’m wearing, Jack The Ripper wouldn’t have been much of a problem if he met up with my avi in a dark, deserted alley. The skin is $100L and it’s from Pink Fuel. I got it at the Pink Fuel booth on the sim that they’re having the For The Love of Halloween fair & hunt.



Mochi Milena also is participating in the hunt (in which you have to find fallen gray leaves), where her item is a really cool Dia De Los Muertos-inspired skin.



I wore my recently acquired Pink Fuel Dia De Los Muertos skin as I puttered around my new Mudhoney Hoxley house that I rezzed today. I haven’t fully furnished it just yet, but with a little bit of time, and a few more trips back to Mudhoney for more furniture, I’ll make this house into a home. It’s a really pretty two story with balconies. Oh, how I love balconies! I even hung up some papel picado for the aforementioned Dia De Los Muertos to give it a festive look.



Visit the stores to pick up your goodies today!



-Skins: Pink Fuel@FTLH
-Dress: Evie’s Closet
-Jeans & hair:
-Shirt: Babycakes (FTLH hunt)
-Hair (pics 4&5): Exile
-Poses: *EverGlow*
-House: Mudhoney

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I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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