If you’re not broke yet…

If you have any money left whatsoever, you must have an iron will. Three big events are happening at the moment in a proverbial SL-“Perfect Storm“: Hair Fair 2010, Project Donate and Designers United 4.

As promised in my previous post, I have a picture of Clawtooth’s fifth HF style, ‘Turnip Sorbet’. Bubbles has all sorts of fun, retro styles. If you’ve never been to his fabulous mansion/mainstore, you should most definitely check it out! He drank all the booze, though, so don’t even think about making yourself a nice martini while you have a look-see. In the pic below, I’m wearing [dekade]’s The Dressing Room offering, which is the ‘Claire’ skin with runny mascara, which comes in handy if you want to take special pictures! The mascara is lovely. ❤

Also at TDR, I purchased the outfit below from Mimikri. To me, it had a bit of a biker chick feel, so I went to a sim where I knew they had a motorcycle…Haus of Darcy’s mainstore. I paired the outfit with one of my favorite HoD necklaces, kept the runny mascara skin on and topped it off with Exile’s HF10 freebie. I love the rain & lightning that Aydan has at her store. It really sets the mood.

I really like the ‘Ante’ hairstyle that OhMai has out for HF10. Just a little bit messy to keep you on your toes, but still very sophisticated yet casual. In the pic below, I’m wearing Beetlebones’ DU4 offering. While I really love the outfit (I’m in love with the oversized shirt!), it kinda bothers me that the skirt prim doesn’t line up with the rest of the skirt. I tried several poses & spent quite a bit of time editing the prim but just couldn’t get it to line up. I still really like it, though!

*BOOM* has some fun clothing and everything is well made, so it’s hard to be disappointed with Aranel Ah’s work. Her DU4 dress certain doesn’t disappoint. I love the finishing touch with the flower attachments. It really makes the dress pop! With it, I decided to wear one of ploom’s HF styles, ‘Boa’, which to me is a nod to one of the 80’s most tubular styles: the side ponytail.

‘Boa II” is a side half-ponytail. I really like it because I wear my hair like that from time to time (except not on the side). With this hair, I ‘dyed’ the bangs to a pretty teal-ish color with the HUD that comes with the hair (I could be wrong, but I think all of Helyanwe Vindaloo’s HF styles come with this HUD) to sort of match my dress, which is Oyakin’s item from DU4. The dress comes in both blue and green. Each dress is $200L or you can buy both for $350L. I love Oyakin’s clothing and get excited every time they participate in an event. Oh yes, and their DU4 dresses come with shoes!

I almost never “doctor” my photos, but I kinda had to with this one (very lightly, mind you). I wanted to take a picture of my avi with her eyes closed. Almost every skin has a ‘crease’ on the eyelids when an avi blinks, I blended (very clumsily) the white/silvery eye makeup over the ‘crease’ to smooth it out a bit. I’m no expert. The only time I do post work on my pictures is to smooth out jagged edges from the poses (and even when I do that, I do it poorly). However, I like the way the picture below came out. I’m wearing ploom’s HF style, ‘Crush’ together with my pink lingerie from Ooh La La.

Like what you’ve seen? Check out the links below for some retail therapy! Happy Labor Day!

-Skin: (all) [dekade]
-Poses: (all) *EverGlow*
*Hair: Clawtooth (HF)
*Outfit, glasses & location: Artilleri

*Hair: Exile (HF freebie)
*Outfit: Mimikri@TDR
*Necklace & location: Haus of Darcy (HoD)

*Hair: Ohmai (HF)
*Outfit: Beetlebones@DU4

*Hair: ploom (HF)
*Dress (w/flowers): *BOOM*@DU4

*Hair: ploom (HF)
*Dress (w/flowers): Oyakin@DU4

*Hair: ploom (HF)
*Lingerie & stockings: Ooh La La

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