Grab Your Wallets!

Tomorrow, two huge SL events will be opening — Hair Fair 2010, benefiting Wigs For Kids, and Project Donate, benefitting the victims of the horrific recent flooding in Pakistan. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “what can *I* do? I’m just one person.” Well, a good way to help is to do something you do everyday, anyway: shopping.

Below: Clawtooth@Hair Fair (‘You’re A Star’)

Hair Fair 2010 features nearly every single hair store you can imagine…except for Truth & I Love Olive!, that is. At HF10, you can get some awesome (exclusive) hairstyles that you will not be able to simply pick up at their main store locations…and trust me, there are some true gems to be found, so you’ll definitely want to stop by the four sims!

Kavar Cleanslate, of Exile, is a hardworking man. Not only is he participating in this week’s The Dressing Room (TDR), he’s also released some gorgeous hairstyles for Hair Fair, as well as Project Donate. The style below is called ‘Venus’ and it’s really fit for a goddess. It’s exclusively available at Hair Fair.

Bubbles Clawtooth is SL’s most notorious manlady. When he’s not slamming down the cocktails, he manages to crank out some lovely retro hairdos that would make my grandmother proud. This manlady’s Hair Fair offerings are nothing short of stellar. The style pictured below is called ‘My Shilova’ (named after Stein Shilova, I’m guessing). When I saw it, I fell in love.

Now onto a store than I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing about until this afternoon. Raspberry Aristocrat. I love me some short, sassy styles and these certainly caught my eye. Do yourself a favor — don’t pass over this gem. I expect big things from this fledgling store. Their donation item is called ‘3 Darlas’ and it comes with all three styles shown for $200L a color pack or $800L for the fatpack. is one of SL’s favorite stores. Whenever a sale is announced, you ladies know how hard it is to TP onto the sim. They released three styles for Hair Fair (next three pictures below). Being the awesome people that they are, the Fridays also have out a freebie box with three hairstyles (‘Tatum’ in passionate red, ‘Dylan’ in Jaded Blond & ‘Carrie’ in Moody Brown), jeans, a cami t-shirt and a henley hoodie.



‘Lexi’: (donation item)

Not sure which styles are donation items? Just look for the sign below. Most will also let you know how much of the proceeds are going to Wigs For Kids!


*grabs a Diet Sunkist, a bag of Sabritones and comes back*

Project Donate. While Truth Hawks isn’t involved in Hair Fair 2010, he *is* in Project Donate. Here, you can pick up a fatpack of his ‘Aloha’ hairstyle for $500L. That’s only 1/3 of the price of one of his normal fatpacks, so it is quite a steal. In this fatpack, you get two versions: with and without seashells. I paired his hair with the donation item from [dekade] ($500L also with tons of options!) as well as the kaftan dress from Swansong ($250L – a PD donation item). When you purchase a Project Donation item, there are signs that explain how much is going towards the fund, which is pretty nifty.

I mentioned earlier in my post that Kavar Cleanslate is a hardworking gent. Here’s his Project Donate item, the ‘Gemini’ fatpack ($500L). It comes with two options: with and without the head accessory. With it, I’m wearing 1/2 of Leaks’ PD item ($50L). Wanna see the other half of Leaks’ PD item? Scroll back up to the first picture!

More Clawtooth, please! Below are two more of Clawtooth’s Hair Fair styles (the fifth one will be in my next post). (L) French Connection comes with a color changeable beret and (R) RockinRolls is a fun & fabulous 50’s ‘do that makes me want to go start waiting tables in a diner or ice cream parlor.  I’m also wearing *BOOM*’s PD item ($75L), a cute & well-made polo shirt!

-Skin: dekade (pics#2-7) @main store, (pics#1, 9-11)@PD
-Tops: (pic#1) Leaks@PD, (pic#2-7) freebie pack@HF, (pic#10) Leaks@PD, (pic#11) BOOM@PD
-Jeans: (pic#2) freebie pack@HF
-Earrings: Caroline’s
-Dress/kaftan: (pic#9) Swansong@PD
-Poses: *EverGlow*

**because Hair Fair & Project Donate are not yet open to the public, I didn’t post direct links to the sims. In my future posts, I will be placing links**

***Thank you to the content creators for their generosity***

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