For The Love Of Newbies

Second Life can be a scary place. Like first life, people tend to judge others by how they look. I know I’m guilty of doing this even if I don’t mean to. We’ve all done it. How many times have we profile perved someone only to say something along the lines of:

“She’s over 1000 days old and she’s wearing *bling*?!”

When I first started SL back in ’07, I was as helpless as they come. I thought I was stylin’ in my system hair/skin/eyes combo and crudely made “clubwear” that I got some some God-forsaken freebie box. Fortunately, I lived and learned. I learned about in-store/group gift/hunt freebies. I learned about sales. I learned that sometimes…people steal stuff from good, hard-working content creators. I learned not to support the thieves. For most newbies, however, they are ignorant when a new friend passes them a skin that looks nice. They won’t ask, “Where is this from? Is it stolen?” Instead, they’ll continue wearing the skin/hair/whatever, blissfully unaware until a more savvy, seasoned SLer lets them know that they are, in fact, wearing stolen content. I can only hope that the person informing the newbie is tactful when they bring this to their attention instead of screaming “THIEF!!!!!!” while pointing their digital finger at the poor noob and scream for their heads on a pike and/or to be tarred & feathered.

Which brings me to this post. Gogo gave the people on her plurk timeline a virtual slap with her little pink glove and challenged us to a duel blogger challenge. We get to pretend we’re newbies and in doing so, alert new peeps as to where they can score great stuff in SL for free or on the cheap. The rules? Don’t spend more than $20L, can’t use freebies from paid in-world groups or from your designer friends. The freebies have to be readily available to all. For a full list of Gogo’s rules, click her name.

For my entry, I didn’t have to really go all that far. Some of my favorite places have great freebies. As most of you know, most content creators are very generous and frequently give out nice gifts for their patrons, new and old.

The Goods:

Today, I got a subscribo notice from [dekade] with a gift promoting their newest skin line, ‘Brooke’. It’s really lovely. Next, I headed out to Exile for the ‘Susan’ hairstyle that Kavar Cleanslate is sweet enough to have out as a freebie fatpack. Then, I headed out to the Treet TV/Fabulous Fashion studio to pick up these two pairs of eyes from MADesigns that Maddox DuPont graciously gave out when he was a guest on the show.

Now it was time for some clothes. The ladies at are very noob-friendly. There are lots of great gifts to get a new player started (or for seasoned pros to add to their already bulging inventory). In the pic above, a new player can get this cool shirt (it has two sleeve options) as well as these jeans, which are’s gift for the Good Shit Hunt until July 10th. strikes again. They have out their popular Ballet.Sweater in ‘berry’ as a freebie.

The ladies from are SMART! Not only do they have real clothes out as gifts…they also included panties and undies in four colors. Also included is the modesty/cover-up shirt for those of us that are bashful.

Finally, since it’s summer, I decided to show some summery stuff. To the left, I give you the basic white cami from paired with the cut-off shorts from Tres Blah at the Starlust Motel ($1L). To the right, the free micro bikini, straw bag, straw hat and sunglasses available at [dekade] as a summer gift. Just go inside where the ladies skins are, when you walk through the door, the bag will be to your right.

Total cost of the clothing/skin/hair/accessories from this post? A whopping $1L. That was just for the shorts. Boo-yah! You’re on your own for shoes. I’m perfectly fine running around the grid barefoot. 😛

Damn. Newbies today have it WAAAAAAY better than when I first started. *shivers at the thought of her system skin*

Anyway, that’s it for me. It’s time for me to catch some shut-eye. If this post was incoherent, I blame my sleeplessness.  Let me know what you thought about this post: thumb up, thumb down, middle finger up, whatev. Good night, folks!

Recap of pertinent links:
Tres Blah shorts@Starlust Motel
Fabulous Fashion/KMAD eyes
-Poses by *EverGlow* (not free)

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I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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