RockBerry’s ‘Kalista’ – It’s Love.

I love RockBerry skins. I remember when I first stepped into Heather Beebe’s store, it was because someone told me, “there’s a bunch of lucky boards over there and they have really pretty skins as the prizes!” So, being the poor schmuck that I was (still am), I camped my happy booty over there, trying to get as many of the lovely skins as I could. This was back in 2008, I believe. It was also the first time I ran into Miss Heather. What struck me most about her was that she was actually approachable. She didn’t snub me with an “I am a store owner and content creator” attitude that, unfortunately, some (but not all) creative residents have. She was professional and friendly. I knew that I would make repeat trips back to her store (and not just to stalk her lucky boards — to actually purchase something).

Two years later, Miss Heather is still creating virtual works of art.  There was a time, not too long ago, where you couldn’t turn around only to bump into someone wearing her hugely popular “Uma” skin. I’ve come to associate RockBerry skins with beautiful faces. Her releases are different, in that they don’t all have the same face. For instance, you can put on five separate lines one right after another and none of them will look the same. There may be similarities, yes, but that’s to be expected. As most of you know, there are a few skin brands that all seem to have the same face, even though they release new skins with new names regularly. That’s not the case with RockBerry.

I decided to go to my favorite meadow and prance around in my new skins and clothing that I picked up from and *MIU*. I love new-to-me stores. It’s like discovering some exotic treasure. That was the case for *MIU*. You may have heard of it, but I hadn’t until this weekend because of Project Themeory. See, I’m a hermit and I rarely venture out of my skybox that’s 4000m high in the air. If you haven’t heard of this store, I really suggest you check it out. They have cute clothes and you won’t go totally broke while you shop. In the pic above, I’m wearing one of the in-world *MIU* group’s gift, the bustier. It’s available in-store and you need to have your tag active.

This past Friday, took part in Fifty Linden Fridays. They had two really cute tops for $50L. If you missed FLF, you can still get the shirts, albeit, not in the FLF exclusive color/print, but they have them available in a multitude of colors.  (The pic above & below are the shirts I’m referring to)

As with 90% of Second Life, is one of THE places to pick up cute, affordable clothing and hair. If you missed their recent store-wide sale, hopefully you’ll be able to catch the next one!

As I mentioned earlier, *MIU* is one of the stores that’s participating in Project Themeory this weekend. Their exclusive item is this really lovely, summery dress that I think fits perfectly with my sim of choice. The best part? The dress is only $75L — but you better hurry! It’ll only be this price until midnight tonight (Sunday)!

I’m really digging the new RockBerry skin. There are so many beautiful makeups available! This line is truly something; it’s obvious Miss Beebe put a LOT of work into the new release. The result is fresh, lively skin that I know I’ll be wearing around the grid frequently. I really like the way this hairstyle looks with the skin. In case you’re wondering, it’s “Deanna 2” from Exile and it’s a new release as well. It compliments the skin by giving it an extra boost of innocence. In *my* opinion, anyway.

I titled the above picture “Too Precious To Do Yardwork”.
If only that were true.

While wandering my favorite desolate meadow sim, I found this tree and felt the urge to take a picture with it in the back. I guess it was because of the color of the shirt, but I decided to go with a darker makeup option from the ‘Kalista’ line. Lovely, eh?
If you like what you’ve seen, be sure to head to RockBerry, Exile & for demos and to *MIU* to have a look around (and maybe pick up the Project Themeory item before it vanishes!)

**Skin (all pics): RockBerry ‘Kalista’
**Poses (all pics): *EverGlow*
**Shoes & shorts (all pics):
**Hair (all pics, except#2): Exile
**Dresses (all pics): *Miu*
-Top: *Miu*
-Top: *Miu*

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