Pumpkin and the New Bohemians.

While I may not eat granola or have a strict vegan diet, I do like to occasionally dress with a boho flair. Especially in the summer. It’s fun and casual…plus it gives off an air of worldliness (or something). Mainly, I just like the boho style of dress because you can look really cute without looking like you spent half the day getting ready (even though that might not be the case). I went to :::LiNe::: today and got their shirt called ‘Chicky’ ($55L until today!), which has a bohemian feel to it…it’s also slightly naughty, as you have the slightest nip peek. *grins*

In this post, I’m wearing some of [ploom]’s new releases. They are becoming one of my favorite hair stores. I always look forward to Helyanwe’s new releases!

The shirt made me start looking through my inventory for similar clothing that I hadn’t worn in a while. I came upon an oldie but goodie from Fishy Strawberry. Looking back, I should have been frolicking in a beachy scene, but for some reason I wanted to take pictures in a forest with flowers and wandering wildlife (see the deer behind me? Oh and the hummingbird).

Not related, but definitely worth mentioning, but my friend told me about **DD Style**. They have a group gift (you need to join the in-world group) inside their store…gotta have your tag on! Anyway, they have boots – for men & women. Only the first 100 people get the goods, though!

I think the ankle boots are cute. They have a…well, the best way to describe it is “Gagaesque”…heel. They’re well made and are a great group gift. Very generous, indeed!

That’s it for today, folks! I may or may not blog again tonight. Depends on  whether I log in tonight. I’ve been re-reading ‘World War Z’ by Max Brooks again, thanks to Dailia Holder, who mentioned that she read it last week via plurk. It also may or may not remind me of a certain someone that I miss like crazy, who I haven’t talked to in a few days because he’s on vacation. Anyhoo, if you like zombies, you’ll like this book.

-Skin: Tuli
-Shirt: (pic#1) :::LiNe:::
-Shorts: (pic#1) Tres Blah
-Dress: (pic#2) Fishy Strawberry
-Hair: (pics#1&2) [ploom]
-Shoes: (pics#1&2) [0N] & (pic#3) **DD Style**
-Jewelry: [ Glow ] Studio (earrings) & (Shiny Things) (necklace)
-Poses: Striking Poses & *EverGlow*


About pumpkinsaenz

I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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