Devil’s Haircut: ploom Is Now Open!

When I was a noob, I thought I was stylin’. I thought my shape was pretty darn good for a beginner and I had managed to score some provocative clothing…from somewhere. I think it was from Free Dove. Anyway, then I met someone and he said (and I quote), “Damn you need to get some prim hair”. My new friend obviously wasn’t the type to sugar-coat things. The first place he took me to was to some freebie place that offered a free updo. I thought it was so pretty. Plus, it came in six colors! I was also able to get a new skin and some new clothes. Now, I truly felt that my avi was hot. LOL.

I soon found that you could earn lindens by camping. Getting paid $2L every ten minutes for sitting my ass on a bench? Heck yeah! I didn’t know what I was going to spend my lindens on, but I was going to accumulate as many as possible. I hadn’t yet found out what a joy shopping in Second Life would be. Eventually, I had racked up two hundred whole lindens and I was pretty damn proud of myself. My friend asked me if I went shopping. At this point, I still didn’t realize that you could shop. I was confused and intrigued. He TP’d me to…wait for it…Gurl 6. I know, it’s a rite of passage for many of us SLers. I remember being overwhelmed at the walls of hairstyles. So many to choose from! So many colors! I think the demos were $1L each, so I looked at the vendors at as many styles as I could and chose one demo. Fortunately, I liked the way it looked on me. I purchased it for $195L.

“Wow,” I thought. “I’m big-time now!”

And so, another hair-aholic was born.

The second hairstyle I ever bought was from a store some of you might remember: Deviant Kitties. Again, I was a bit overwhelmed by the selection, but I was impressed by the various styles. Some were fun & cute, others were crazy and intriguing. There was a bit of everything for everyone. That was back in 2007. Three years later, Deviant Kitties has undergone some changes both physically, with a new build, as well — it seems — spiritually, as a new brand. Helyanwe Vindaloo is the Second Life equivalent of a phoenix; in the virtual ashes of Deviant Kitties, ploom was born.

Prepare thyselves. I’m about to bombard you with some of the new goodies from ploom!

Ana, below, is a short and fun style with a twist. It comes with a HUD that you can use to change the color of the left side of the style! Match it up to its corresponding color or try out another color if you’re feeling saucy. (Colors shown: Candy & Blonde/Candy)

Anamone (below), is a sweet and innocent style. I think it’d look great on younger avatars and Lollis! (Color shown: Carrot)

Arq, below, you may have seen when Helyanwe participated in Project Themeory a few weeks back. She sneakily had been planting sneak peeks to whet our appetites for the opening. Smart lady. This retro up-do can be worn with virtually any outfit. (Color shown: Platinum)

Another style that you’ve probably seen as another sneak peek is Cember (below). It’s a faux-hawk that looks punky with a soft side. (Color shown: Dirt)

Cori (below), for some reason, reminds me of a girl sitting on the beach in New England, circa 1960. I don’t know why. It’s not exactly a retro-y style, but for some reason, it feels that way to me. Maybe because of the way the ponytail falls over the shoulder and gently cascades down, while the bangs delicately sweep over the eyes. (Color shown: Black Out)

Don’t Call Me Gaga (below). I think Helyanwe likes Lady Gaga. She has good taste, what can I say? Yet another winner in her hair department. (Color shown: Brick)

Holly, pictured below, is another lovable, playful new style. The best way to describe it is two lazily done half-ponytails that are held up with the help of some bobby pins. In other words – adorable! (Color shown: Blueberry)

The style below, Parish, reminds me somewhat of  an 80’s style. Sideways ponytail, some romantic, loose bangs that frame the face. I was tempted to add a silly 80’s caption. I was thinking of “OMG GAG ME WITH A SPOON!” Haha, I love it. I decided to show this cute hair in purple, since I have a friend who wears a lot of purple hair.

For those of you who are fans of pigtails, this style is for you. The angelic Sylvan (below) is just what you need to give you av that extra dose of innocence that you may be craving. (Color shown: Angelfood)

If you’ve read my blog before, you might’ve noticed that I changed my header a few weeks ago. The hairstyle featured on it? Telephone (below). I wore this hair, seriously, for about a week straight. I love it! (Color shown: Chocolate)

Waikiki is the kind of hairstyle I imagine a beautiful Hawaiian girl with a flower in her hair would wear. It features two long, bound ponytails falling over the shoulders dramatically. (Color shown: Mocha)

Anyway, sorry for the novel of a post. I must get my booty to bed. I hope you go check out the new stuff at ploom. Go try on some demos and see if they’re your cup of tea!

*Skin: Laq
*Hair: (all) ploom
*Dress: Tiny Bird
*Necklace & earrings: Lolapop! ($25L each – a steal!)
*Poses: *EverGlow*


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I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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3 Responses to Devil’s Haircut: ploom Is Now Open!

  1. When I was a newbie Gurl 6 issued a coupon for one free style!!!! I was so impressed that she would do that for everyone. I spent hours there looking carefully for the perfect style. I was really happy with my pick. It would be fun to take a picture and post it, but it’s no longer in my inventory.

  2. pumpkinsaenz says:

    I wish Six Kennedy would revamp her styles. Gurl 6 was one of THE places to get hair back in the day and if it could get back in the hair game, she could be super popular once again. I went to Gurl 6 yesterday out of nostalgia and it’s not surprising that she still is noob-friendly, with free hair & moderately priced skins, eyes and shapes. Very nice of her.

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