When it’s raining, do you look outside your window or sit out on your porch? Do you snuggle up in bed, swimming in sheets? Does the rain make you happy or feel slightly depressed? Different people react differently to the rain. Sometimes they’ll feel comforted by it…at other times, they’ll feel a bit claustrophobic. More often than not, the rain seems to calm me. Hearing it splatter against my roof, watching it fall onto the ground while covered by the porch or seeing it splash against a window…it all makes me get all relaxed. As long as the wind isn’t too bad, there’s no hail and my electricity isn’t threatening to go out, that is. Oh yeah, and no flooding.

I guess I was inspired by some hefty flooding around my parts a couple of days ago, but I felt like searching for sims where it rains. Someone suggested three to me and handed over some LMs. Sadly, two of them were no longer around and I unwittingly TP’d onto some private property and was nearly ejected (FUN!!). In the end, I only came up with one sim that had rain (the one of the three that I was told about). In the other two pictures, I produced the rain from the LOLO weather system ($300L) that I attached to myself. What are your favorite rainy sims?

I’m not too sure what inspired this look. Perhaps a bit of SL mixed with RL. I tend to wear some off-beat stuff when I go out with friends. While I don’t think I’ve ever worn a casual strapless dress & fringed, leather moccasins before, it wouldn’t surprise me if I did one of these days. If I ever got fringed leather moccasins, that is. Anyway, I think it looks cute and bohemian. If you don’t like the look, I’ll cut you!

This picture [above], I took at my favorite super sekret sim. I take a lot of pics and very, very few people here. I like the cloud/sun effect, what about ya’ll? It kind of looks like a rainbow is starting to peek out.

The above pic was taken at a beach, obviously. When I was younger…high school age…I used to like going to the beach (in the summer) when it rained lightly. Walking at a leisurely pace, barefoot, with an umbrella. I was able to reflect on life and love and what they held for me in the future.

*Dress: TART
*Skin: Laq
*Boots: Naughty
*Hair: I Love Olive
*Jewelry: deVOL (they’re having a closing sale)

*Dress: AOHARU
*Skin: Laq
*Boots: *GField*
*Hair: I Love Olive

*Clothing: Artilleri (50% off blue, white & red stuff until May 18th)
*Skin: Laq
*Mah feets: SLink
*Hair: I Love Olive

***Umbrella & poses by .:StoRin:.


About pumpkinsaenz

I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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  1. pumpkinsaenz says:

    ❤ thank you Lizzie-boo!

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