Pumpkin says : It’s All About The Hair.

Well, fuck me.

I had written a big ass blog post and WordPress said that it was saving it when my internet crapped out. I restarted my computer and guess what? It didn’t save.

Fuck you, Clear (my isp)!

Ahem. Well, getting back to my post. Hair is one of the essentials to a happy Second Life. For me, anyway. Other stuff for a happy Second Life include trust, friendship, reliable internet service and lots of other stuff that I won’t bore you with because, this post is all about the hair. Boo-yah!

I consider myself a pretty lucky girl most of the time. I have a wonderful family, awesome friends, a great guy and lots of creative evil geniuses to help feed my unhealthy and unnatural hair obsession. So, this weekend was like heaven for me, since there were so many great releases.

fri.day is one of my favorite stores. They’ve got colorful & sweet clothing that I love as well as great hair that is truly universal. When I say ‘universal’, I mean that I’ve seen just about every kind of avatar running around wearing a fri.day hairstyle: neko girls (and in some cases…dudes), elves, fairies, nerdy chic gals, goth girls, short Lolita girls skipping around in frilly dresses…and me.

So fri.day has unleashed two new styles upon us: ‘Michelle’ & ‘Michelle.2’. As one might suspect, given the names, they are similar styles. The best way to describe them is a lazy-yet-elegant half-bun/half-ponytail with bobby pins. It’s funny because I find myself wearing my hair like this in real life when I’m puttering around the house. Naturally, I love these two releases. Even though they are essentially the same style, what makes them different is their bangs. While ‘Michelle’ has shorter, dreamily side-swept bangs that hover delicately over the eyes, ‘Michelle.2’ has longer, romantic bangs that are fastened to the side with extra bobby pins. In other words, adorable!

69 (aka Sixty Nine) recently — yesterday — released several new styles after a lengthy hiatus. 69 doesn’t release nearly enough hair to satisfy my hunger. I demand more, dammit! MORE! However, the new stuff that came out is really quite adorable and I suggest you go pick up a few demos! Members of the paid in-world group ($300L to join) were treated to a pre-sale that lasts until today (May 9th). Non-members are teased in a ‘look but don’t touch’ fashion. I love it.

Last, but not least, a really cute new hairstyle from Truth named ‘Tia’. I don’t think I have ever worn a Truth hairstyle on my blog before (I know, unheard of!), but I just couldn’t resist this sweet and innocent style.

I’m afraid that’s all for right now, lovelies. As always, I suggest you try on a demo before purchasing! Enjoy the new hair! ❤

Pic#1 :
*Dress – Sand Shack Surf Co.
*Hair – fri.day
*Skin – Laq
*Pose – Striking Poses

Pic#2 :
*Dress – mixx Ethnic Style
*Hair – fri.day
*Skin – Cupcakes
*Hair accessory – DP YumYum (group gift)
*Purse – mixx Ethnic Style (group gift)
*Shoes – Sand Shack Surf Co.
*Pose – *EverGlow*

Pic#3 :
*Dress & earrings – mixx Ethnic Style
*Hair – 69
*Skin – Belleza
*Pose – Reel Expression

Pic#4 :
*Dress  – mixx Ethnic Style
*Hair – 69
*Skin – Cupcakes
*Purse – mixx Ethnic Style (group gift)
*Pose – The Black Canary

Pic#5 :
*Dress – Oyakin
*Hair – Truth
*Skin – Belleza
*Shoes – Sand Shack Surf Co.
*Pose – *EverGlow*


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I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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