Fantasy Faire & Alt Fair

As most of you know, there are two incredible fairs going on in SL at the moment: the Fantasy Faire & the Alternative (Alt) Fair. Both have incredibly gifted & talented designers showcasing some spectacular creations. I highly encourage everyone to brave the lag (and leave the high script/ARC items at home!) and support them!

The Fantasy Faire features designers such as Clover Leaf Clothing (featured in my last post), Sassy Kitty Designs, Mer-Elf Creations, Fairy’s Grove Creations, Evie’s Closet and many, many more! The Alt Fair has designers such as The Black Canary, Lolapop!, The Stringer Mausoleum, Schadenfreude, Sn@tch and Gauze! There’s a little bit of everything for everyone at both fairs, so stroll around and have a look. You might even be introduced to a new up-and-coming or a new-to-you store that you’ll fall in love with!

I know I blogged Evie’s Closet in my last post, but I couldn’t help but take some more pictures in some of her other outfits available at Fantasy Faire:

The first picture’s outfit is named ‘Ariel’ and is a RFL item. It has very springy colors and is $500L. The second picture’s outfit is called ‘Nereida’ and it comes with both a long and shorter version of the flowy, romantic skirt.

Fairy’s Grove Creations is a new-to-me store that was brought to my attention thanks to the Fantasy Faire. If you love being an elf (as I have been loving it the past few days!), you’ll really enjoy designer Wraith Unsung’s offerings, such as one of her RFL items (pictured below). The outfit includes a complimentary shape that is modifiable as well as eyes, the boots, dagger and wings.

I’m no stranger to Mer-Elf Creations’ lovely designs. Actually, I blogged them a few months back. New designs and beautiful textures are what you’ll find at their booth at Fantasy Faire! They cater not only to Mer-people and elves, but also to Gor enthusiasts, such as with the outfit below, which is a painstakingly detailed Gor bridal outfit (I believe it’s a Gor outfit. Forgive my ignorance if it’s not!), called ‘Christina’ that is a RFL item. What struck me most was the luscious color that commands attention. I love it!

Last, but certainly not least is an offering from The Black Canary from the Alt Fair! I love Morrigan’s elegant, Lolita outfits and this is no exception. The outfit takes you back to the Victorian era, what with all of the lace and poufy skirts. Very romantic. If I feel like taking a picture with an elegant & nostalgic feel, I always look for Morrigan Denimore’s excellent creations.

So, if you like what you’ve seen, please visit both the Alternative Fair (supporting the Nothing But Nets Campaign to help prevent Malaria) and the Fantasy Faire (supporting RFL & the American Cancer Society). Make your lindens count.

-Skins: (pic#1) Belleza, (pic#2) Tres Blah, (pic#3&5) Cupcakes, (pic#4) [KA] Designs
-Outfits: (pic#1&2) Evie’s Closet, (pic#3) Fairy’s Grove Creations, (pic#4) Mer-Elf Creations (**all via Fantasy Faire), (pic#5) The Black Canary (via Alt Fair)
-Hair: (pic#1) Vanity (from the Crazy Hair hunt), (pic#2-4) Exile, (pic#5) Fashionably Dead
-Poses: Striking Poses, *EverGlow*, The Black Canary, TorridWear, [LAP]

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