Randomness Up The Wahzoo

Every so often, it’s nice to take a break from the demanding world of blogging. That’s what I did, though to tell you the truth, my blogging is half-assed. I don’t do even 1/3rd of the work that, say, Gogo does. That girl is like a machine! Anyway, I got some really cool & pretty stuff from the good people at fri.day that I’ve been meaning to blog. I even took pictures of me in the clothing pretty much as soon as I got it, but, well…real life tends to get in the way! So please forgive my tardy post.

You can see a common theme in my pictures — cigarettes. No, I’m not smoking again (gave up the filthy and expensive habit a while back, thank you very much), but I do really like the FNKY cigarette. It’s well made and it’s a great prop.

I was determined to shed my good girl image, even if it was just for one post. Even though I’m totally not what you might call a “bad girl” irl or SL, sometimes it’s fun to play the part. Smoking, while harmful to your health (screws up your teeth, lungs, mouth, fingers/nails, skin), gives off the ‘bad girl’ vibe. You know, the bad girls/boys/in-crowd smoking in the bathroom at school/behind the school/under the bleachers/stairwell/etc. I never understood why people assume that smoking = you’re a rebel and/or cool. I know some straight up nerds who smoke. They’re about as cool as a flaming bag of dog poop. And the smoker’s cough? Totally unsexy. BUT this is Second Life. We can smoke in SL and we don’t have to worry about the health stuff.

I had fun being bombarded with IMs when I took this pic above. I went to an RP sim on Zindra that had naked chicks on motorcycles, “drug dealers”, pimps, and for some reason,  a store that sells a gif of Laurel & Hardy doing some shuffle dance. I was IMed twice asking if I was a hooker and if so, how much I charged. Never did the escorting thing before. I *do* need a way to supplement my SL income. Maybe I should become someone’s mistress and make them take me shopping. I can just see it now: I’d walk him into fri.day or Evie’s Closet and be like, “Give me money to fatpack it, you wiener, THEN you’ll get SLex!”  <—I’d soo suck as a mistress.

Finally, I present to you: bored, smokin’ elf school girl who looks at porn mags in her desk. It’s kind of a long title, but it’s pretty much on the nose. Don’t hate. We all love porn.

I really loved showing my elvish side to you. I suspect you’ll see some more of me in ears soon. *smiles* That’s it for today’s randomness. Have a sweet day!

*Skin: Belleza (group gift)
*Hair: Lamb
*Clothing: fri.day
*Cigarette: FNKY

*Skin: Pink Fuel (past Project Themeory offering)
*Hair: I Love Olive
*Clothing: fri.day
*Shoes: Nardcotix
*Cigarette: FNKY
*Necklace: Lolapop!
*Garden bench: napoliy (group gift)

*Skin: Cupcakes
*Hair: I Love Olive
*Clothing: fri.day
*Shoes: Nardcotix
*Cigarette: FNKY

-Pic#4 & 5:
*Skin: Tuli (group gift)
*Hair: Exile
*Clothing: *League* (current Project Themeory offering)
*Ears: Fairy’s Grove Creations (part of an outfit)
*Cigarette: FNKY
*Necklace: HoD
*Shoes: NINIKO (from the gacha machine)

**Poses used: The Black Canary, Striking Poses, *EverGlow*


About pumpkinsaenz

I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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One Response to Randomness Up The Wahzoo

  1. neody says:

    waoow, what is that?

    it’s like a sims game, but sexy ;P

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