Okay, so today I’ve been on somewhat of an 80’s music kick, particularly The Go-Go’s. The music just showers me with images of running around freely on a beach, like when I was a teenager going to the beach house in Galveston. I didn’t have to worry about a job or paying bills or anything important, really. So when iTunes randomly threw a Go-Go’s song at me when I was playing dress up with some new pretty clothing, I decided to do some pictures of my avi running around having fun, not just posing. I also may or may not have made a soundtrack for my romp on the beach & in the flower field. Yes, I invaded yet another flower field (are you sensing a flower fetish yet?).

LeeZu has out some really cute outfits for the pocket-friendly price of $50L. You may be asking, “well, what do I get for $50L?”

This cute romper comes in several colors for $50L each, and yes, the big hat is included! Coming from LeeZu, you better believe it’s well-made. How long will it be at this price? I haven’t a clue, but I’d suggest you run over there and pick up at least one color. I paired the outfit with one of Exile’s newest hair releases — the fun & retroesque Lulu (I love the flower that comes in the hair!) as well as one of Cupcakes’ newer skin releases, Allure. I chose to go with a bare skin. Why? Aside from the skin being really lovely without makeup, not too many people go to the beach with tons of eye shadow and lipstick. Well, except Sports Illustrated supermodels. The skin is really perfect as-is: it has a smattering of freckles on the cheeks and nose (I actually went “SQUEEEEEEE!!!” in real life when I saw the freckles). The necklace, which is harder to see (check out the bigger picture on my flickr page to see it), is from Lolapop! You can get it at the Spring Bazaar until April 11th, when it’ll be discontinued!

For the next set, I put on SySy’s new Merle dress in blue. Keeping with the blue theme, I also decided to go with yet another of Exile’s new pretty hair releases – Alyson in ‘blizzard’ which is a sweet & innocent-looking hairstyle, perfect for the simple but lovely dress, which also has an innocent quality to it. The skin is again from Cupcakes. I’m really digging their Allure line. The lips are really pretty and as I said previously, I’m absolutely crazy about the freckles.

That’s it for now, people! Be sure to go to these stores and check them out if you like what you see! ❤

-Skin: Cupcakes
-Hair: Exile
-Jewelry: Lolapop! via the Spring Bazaar (ends 04-11-10)
-Romper outfit: LeeZu
-Dress: SySy
-Poses: Striking Poses & *EverGlow*

About pumpkinsaenz

I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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