Is Ready For Spring

Friday has always been my favorite day of the week. Now, in Second Life, it also happens to be one of my favorite stores. Perhaps the designers behind smartly chose the name because of the great feelings that conjure up when you hear “Friday” — relief, excitement, anticipation. It’s the final workday of the week for most people, so we look forward to this day each week. I know I do, at least, because that means I can go to work in jeans. Go Casual Fridays! released a new dress as well as a new hairstyle, called Spring.Bloom and Summer, respectively. They sure are ready for Spring, and they’ve been crankin’ out some really cute items. Just last week, they released another Springy dress and casual hairstyle (as seen on Gogo here).

As you can see, you can detach the skirt and the bodysuit can be worn separately.

Incidentally, if you purchase more than one dress, you can mix and match the bodysuits and skirts for a variety of color schemes. Let your imagination go wild! Hop over to’s main store an check out their inventory!

Laqroki released a new beautiful face — Pearl. Made specially for those who prefer being a blonde. I wasn’t always receptive of Laqroki skins, but over the past year, they have wowed me and I have become a big fan, flocking to the store with each new release. Laq also has one of the best skin deals in all of Second Life. 10 make-ups (which also comes with 10 hairbases for a total of 20 skins) for $1990L. I’m also wearing one of Tiny Bird’s new releases, Fistful of Roses, which is lovely and casual. Go to Laqroki and Tiny Bird and try on some demos today!

-Hair: (pics#1&2) & (pic#3) Tiny Bird
-Jewelry: (pic#1) Zaara & (pics#2&3) [glow]
-Skin: Laq
-Shoes: Maitreya
-Poses: Striking Poses


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I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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