Fashion Vertigo.

I have been lazy. It’s okay, I can admit it. While I’ve been inspired enough to take pictures of the pretty, pretty items given to me, I’ve found it much harder to put words to said pictures. As a result, I have several pictures of several items, thus leading to a dizzying array of fashion to be shown off. While I still doubt that any words of mine will be able to do them justice, each beautiful item will be (rather clumsily) displayed by yours truly.

Exile, one of my top three favorite hair places (the other two? and Clawtooth), just released new and improved textures. Kavar Cleanslate, the mastermind behind Exile, has really outdone himself. As soon as I put on my current favorite hair, Amelia, in this lush almost-ginger color called ‘fall’, I was just about salivating. Am I ashamed to admit it? Heck no! In fact, each of the colors has a very rich and satisfying look — from the purple ‘astral’ to the ‘blackcherry’.  You’ll see several of Kavar’s creations throughout this post. Prepare to be dazzled! (not by me, but by the hair)

Anyway, enjoy the post.

RockBerry has released a brand new skin called Luan and it’s really cute. Pretty lush lips and just a really beautiful face. Heather Beebe, the creator behind RockBerry, always does such lovely work on her skins. Each skin comes in four tones — and if you love freckles, you’ll definitely want to check out the freckles versions!

In the two pictures below, I’m wearing one of the new dresses from [KA] Designs, called ‘Kissyface’. It’s a really cute and fun dress that’s perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I paired the dress with these shoes that my friend Lola gave me. They’re from NINIKO and they’re only $40L. The thing is, if you want a certain color (it comes in 10 colors), it’s $40L a try. However, they’re transferrable, so you can give them out to your friends. Pretty neat, huh?

I bought Clawtooth’s newest release called ‘Morning Revamp’ and I am in love with it! In fact, I’m wearing it in the next four pictures. Scroll down for a look-see.

I’m so vain, I put two close-up shots with my new H.o.D. facial piercings. Aren’t they cool?

Speaking of [KA] Designs recently released some lingerie as well. Below, I am wearing ‘Gogo’  (in violet) and ‘Akaya’  (in ballerina pink). I must say, the Gogo lingerie is very GaGa-esque!

Now on to the boy stuff! I had to break out boy Pumpkin for this. Ain’t he cute? Anyway, Phoenix Rising’s newest release is a suit, so all of you guys can put away your unzipped/sagging pants. You now have no excuses to not dress up and take your ladies out! A cool thing that I need to mention — the tie is color changeable!

And finally, to end this fashion vertigo (and since I mentioned Lady GaGa above), I present to you — Pumpkin GaGa! I had to find something suitable to wear with these newly released shoes from Pacadi Jasha. They’re a loving tribute to Alexander McQueen (his shoes were worn by Lady GaGa in her ‘Bad Romance’ video — see below). I got the cool outfit from Ash’s Trash, which features loving tributes to some of the biggest stars’ woredrobes. If you saw the Grammy’s, it might look familiar. 🙂

That’s the show folks, thanks for reading!

-Skins: (pics#1&2) RockBerry, (pics#4-6) [KA] Designs, (all other pictures) Belleza
-Hair: Exile, (pic#3-6 Clawtooth)
-Suit: Phoenix Rising
-Lady GaGa outfit: (pics#11&12) Ash’s Trash
-Shoes: (pic#1) NINIKO, (pics#5&6) Nardcotix & (pics#11&12) Pacadi Jasha
-Dress: [KA] Designs
-Shirt: (pic#3) *BOOM*
-Jewelry: H.o.D.

-Poses: (pda), *EverGlow*, Reel Expression, *VAGO*, **KoumB**

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I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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2 Responses to Fashion Vertigo.

  1. Ellen says:

    Hi there…was wondering where the the “kissy face” pics were taken? Love that house in the back…Thanks!

  2. Georgia says:

    Thank, great post! Loved the pics

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