Valentines from some of Second Life’s finest!

This Valentine’s day, we, the consumers are the valentines of some of Second Life’s best content creators. Some of them are gifts, some are new releases, but they all have something in common: they’re all extremely well-made and they’re all must-haves!

Mudhoney is known as one of the first places you go to when you need great quality, easy-on-the-lindens furniture that is also relatively easy on the prims. Rayvn Hynes, the owner of Mudhoney, prides herself on creating first-rate pieces that people are proud to have in their homes. Some of her furniture is girly, with a college dorm spirit, and some is metro, with a New York edge. Apart from the odds and ends that she offers at her spacious store, she also has taken to creating photobles, which are basically complete mini-rooms with poses, specially for taking pictures.

The photoble includes male and female poses, as well as couples poses (all by Glitterati). Above, I’m using two of the female single poses. Additionally, I also happen to be wearing some of’s newest releases – a new hairstyle called ‘Marie’ that comes with an optional flower as well as a pair of their new low-rise jeans in black and the ‘comfy cardi’ in brick.

I had to zoom in for this picture, but I’m wearing Poetic Color’s Valentine’s freebie eyes that have hearts in them ❤ and Haus of Darcy’s new release – the Hopeful Rosary (which is wedged in my cleavage. I’m sure that’s a sin, but it’s okay, I’ll just light an extra candle at Mass next week!).

Here I go posing again, but this time I’m using the men’s single poses. I think they don’t look bad being used by a woman, what do you think? 🙂 In this set of pictures, I am wearing the ‘comfy cardi’ in navy as well as the low.rise jeans (regular), both from, as well as their second new hair release this week – Carrie. Also pictured: Haus of Darcy’s Hopeless Rosary.

*fans herself*

This photoble keeps getting hotter. Once my favorite mohawked guy showed up, I snapped some shots with the couples poses. I was able to fully appreciate this photoble. It sets the mood, what with the rich colors and textures, as well as the steamy poses. You’re really able to let your imagination run wild.

As you might have noticed, in the last three pictures above, I’m wearing a t-shirt. It’s the Starlust Valentine from + blacklisted +. It’s right below the subscribo. Speaking of their subscribo, a group gift went out today from + blacklisted + and it comes complete with the BEST VALENTINE EVER – the box at my feet, specially made by + blacklisted + owner/evil genius Gauge Laville. It’s the same shirt from the Starlust Valentine, but in purple (I’m wearing it below with the subscribo group gift from Dutch Touch).

By the way, the chair I have my butt planted in is a great bargain from Mudhoney — it’s only five prims and it’s on sale at the moment for $35L! The necklace I’m wearing is the latest group gift from Lolapop! ($50L to join the in-world group). Since you can’t really see the necklace, let me show you the zoomed-in picture.

You can click the picture to see the larger version so you can read the little heart better.

******BOOB ALERT!******

Alphamale and Blacklace currently have out some gifts out. Blacklace, for the ladies, has out this smokin’ lingerie set in violet. This is sure to make your guy stand up and take notice.

*evil grin*

For the guy, Alphamale has out this pink sweater to put you in the Valentine’s spirit!

-Jeans: (pics#1,2,4,5,8,9) & (on males) League
-Cardi: (pics#1-5)
-Skin: (pics#1-7, 11) Belleza, (pic#9) Dutch Touch & (pics#8-10) LeLutka
-Hair: (all female) & (pic#11) Exile
-Shoes: Nardcotix
-Jewelry: (pics#1-5) H.o.D. & (pics#8-10) Lolapop!
-Photoble & Chair: Mudhoney
-T-shirt & panties*: (pics#6-9) + blacklisted +
-Lingerie & men’s sweater: Blacklace & Alphamale

*panties are part of a + blacklisted + lingerie set


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