Raiding Evie’s Closet

Everyone knows that if you want a gorgeous Medieval/fantasy/wedding/formal gown, one of the top places to go is Evie’s Closet. Owner and creator Evangeline Miles is an exemplary creator, full of talent (obviously — just LOOK at her gowns!) and creative vision. On top of that, she’s a genuinely sweet and down-to-earth person who has a wonderful sense of humor and sees herself as no different from the next avatar. So, if you were expecting a prima donna with a huge ego and likes to get her ass kissed, sorry. Not Evie.



Evie's Closet's Elizabeth in red & black.


The first thing you notice, both in the ads and when you put the dress on, is the high quality of the textures used. There are some stores that have ads in their stores for their clothing and it looks fabulous in the ad…but when you actually wear the garments, you are greatly disappointed by them. You don’t have to worry about that with anything you buy from Evie’s Closet. What you see is what you get because Evie doesn’t photoshop her clothing in the pictures.



Evie's Closet's Elizabeth in green & blue.


The Elizabeth dresses come in seven colors total, so there’s pretty much something for everyone here.



Evie's Closet's Elizabeth in purple & pink.


The dresses have two skirt sizes. I’m wearing the shorter skirt in the picture above (left) and the longer version (right). So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a shorty like me — you can look fabulous in this dress short or tall (or if you just like wearing really big shoes that make you look tall).



Evie's Closet's Elizabeth in white.


The white dress (pictured above) can be simply a pretty, pretty dress for RPing/photoshoots/a masquerade/dances…or it can double up as a wedding dress for a fantasy wedding. The options are endless!



Top options.


Speaking of options, lets talk about the upper half of the dress. There are a few ways to wear the dress that can fit virtually any formal occasion. Above (left), I’m wearing the dress with all of the prim attachments (collar, chest frill, sleeves, jacket). To the right, I omitted the collar.



More options.




Even more lovely options.




Sittin' pretty.


No matter how you decide to wear Elizabeth, it’s gorgeous. You can pick up any of the wonderful dresses above (and many, many more!) at Evie’s Closet. Be sure to also hit her subscribo so you’ll be in-the-know about any upcoming releases and sales!









-Elizabeth dresses: Evie’s Closet
-Skin: Bella di Notte (dark tan, in case you were wondering)
-Hair: Exile
-Poses used: Reel Expression, TorridWear, V*Poses, :Snooky’s:


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