Maybe, Bebae.

“Maybe”? Oh, who am I kidding? I try to resist delectable treats in Second Life, such as new skin releases…only to fail miserably. My latest indulgence has been the new Bebae skins. Owner/creator/designer/overall sweet gal Torie Senne has once again given the ladies of SL a new, lovely skin that is classy, sophisticated and just plain gorgeous. I always look forward to a new release from Bebae, which happens to be one of my favorite skin stores. One of the things I love about the group (which I have been a member of for over a year), is that Miss Torie, being the sweet and generous person she is, usually gives out a group gift skin. Sure enough, when the Fabia line was released, she sent out a group gift, much to the collective joy of her dedicated fans.

L: With “Fabia” cleavage enhancers. R: Without.

There are some common traits in Torie Senne’s skins that keeps me coming back for more: beautiful lush lips (complete with lovely lipsticks), imaginative eyeshadows, lovely shading that enhances facial features and the soft, sensuous bodies. One other thing I really like about her skins? The nipples. Yes, you heard right. No, I won’t show you my pixel bewbs. Just trust me on this: they’re fabulous.

Giving you some face time.

I mentioned the shading that she uses with her skins. Being a skin fanatic, I’ve noticed that relatively few skin makers have wowed me with their facial shading. Torie uses just the right amount of shading around the cheeks, bringing them out just enough to give them an almost nostalgic look that makes me think of old black and white pictures of my grandmother from the early 1950’s. Looking at them even now, I envy the elegance and chicness that seeps through the quaint, almost 60 year-old portraits.

The many colors of Bebae.

My favorite tone from Bebae would be the “caramel” tone, hands-down. That’s not to say that I dislike her other tones. Far from it! The tones, from palest to darkest are as follows: creme, cinnamon, caramel, cocoa, coffee. I use at least one of each tone in the collage above. Each individual skin is priced at $1000L a pop or $6000L for the Galore (fat)pack — in the skin tone of your choice. Included in the individual sets are a freckled version of the desired make up, a non-freckled version and the hairbase/eyebrows. Additional items you can purchase include the cleavage undershirt option for $150L (per skin tone) and the Fabia shape, available for $800L. Not sure if you think you’ll look good in a skin from Bebae? There’s only one way to find out: try on some demos! Don’t forget to join Torie’s in-world update group (cost: $200L at the moment, since the group gift is still in the archives).

-Skin: Bebae
-Hair: Tiny Bird
-Lingerie: + blacklisted +
-Jewelry: Otaku Designs
-Poses: Striking Poses


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I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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