Feelin’ Lucky?

Luck Inc is a new-to-me store that was brought to my attention by the uber fashionista, Miss Gogo. Specializing in sexy club wear (and just sexy stuff in general), Luck Inc is the brainchild of CK Winx. Some of the clothing from Luck Inc may be a bit risque, but it has a devoted following, as I’ve seen people wearing the clothing while shopping, stalking lucky chairs *AND* at clubs. Although I recognized the dresses, I had no idea where they were from. Now I know!

Petite dresses - solid
Petite dresses – solid

The Petite dresses come in two styles: solid colors and patterned. While I won’t show all the colors & patterns (there are 11 different dresses in the patterned fatpack and 14 in the solid color fatpacks), I will show you a few select few of each. Form-fitting and short — they end right below the derriere — these dresses are eye-catching, and not just for obvious reasons. They are incredibly well made, using good quality textures and colors that pop out and demand attention.

Petite dresses - patterned
Petite dresses – patterned

At $220L per dress (and $1210L for the patterned fatpack & $1540L for the solid fatpack, respectively), they won’t put a strain on your budget. A nice option is that you can wear the dress with the garter option, like I’m doing in some of the poses in the pictures above. It adds an extra shot of sexiness that virtually guarantees that your man will gawk at you with his mouth open for at least five minutes.

Be sure to browse around Luck Inc, as they have several dresses (plus tattoos, jeans, shirts and lots more!).

-Hair: Exile (pic#1), Analog Dog (pic#2)
-Jewelry: Otaku Designs
-Skin: LeLutka
-Poses:  Reel ExpressionV*Poses*VAGO*


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I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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