Musashi-Do Review (hey, that rhymes!)

East meets west with Musashi, the men’s clothing line by designer/owner Shiryu Musashi.  A fashion haven for men and women alike, Musashi has clothing with an Asian flair infused with Italian couture, so you’re bound to find something you like, regardless of your gender.

Mr. Shiryu was gracious enough to drop off some of his men’s polo shirts on me and I was eager to see what goodies he had readily available to the guys on the grid. Men’s fashion isn’t as wide-spread as women’s, so I was hoping that what I was about to slip on would stabilize his store as one that I’d recommend to my guy friends when they ask me for new places to shop. Not only did I like what I was seeing, I even modeled some of my new apparel for one of my guy friends who is VERY peculiar about where he shops at, and he agreed that my new threads were fine indeed. Don’t believe me, though, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Striped Polo Shirts - Spring/Summer

Striped Polo Shirts - Spring/Summer ($79L/ea or $249L/fp)

Striped Polo Shirts - Fall/Winter ($79L/ea or $249L/fp)

Striped Polo Shirts - Fall/Winter ($79L/ea or $249L/fp)

Polo Club Shirts - $99L/ea or $399L/fp

Polo Club Shirts - $99L/ea or $399L/fp

Polo Shirts - Fall/Winter ($49L/ea or $229L/fp)

Polo Shirts - Fall/Winter ($49L/ea or $229L/fp)

Polo Shirts - Spring/Summer ($49L/ea or $229L/fp)

Polo Shirts - Spring/Summer ($49L/ea or $229L/fp)

All of the shirts above come with groovy options: normal and popped collars (if you feel like taking a nostalgic stroll back to the 80’s, Crockett) as well as tucked and untucked versions.

Bold colors, nice textures (not many designers get wrinkles right, much less attempt them) and very reasonable prices, if the special man in your life is wanting to add to his virtual closet, suggest a field trip to Musashi!

-Jeans: *League*
-Hair: Junwave
-Eyes: Curio (free)
-Skin: Belleza (former group gift)
-Poses used: Reel Expressions, ImpEle, [LAP]


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1 Response to Musashi-Do Review (hey, that rhymes!)

  1. R Allen says:

    nice polo shirts

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