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Mochi Milena, of the uber cute store Pink Fuel, makes some of my favorite skins on the grid. She’s relatively new to the skin game, but she has delivered some show stoppers. It wasn’t until I saw my dear friend Lola skipping around a store in her Pink Fuel skin that I knew that Mochi even made skins. I gawked a little then got some demos. So began my love affair with Miss Mochi’s “Raine” skin line. On Saturday, Mochi will have her newest line, “Skye” on sale for the masses! She gave us a taste of what was to come with a free skin from the Thibideau sim “Avatar Crossing” hunt earlier this month. Don’t remember what that skin looks like? Shame on you! Look here.

I never really used to be one for bright makeups. In fact, I still prefer minimal or natural/nude skins to sex bomb makeup. However, I’ve noticed that with the Pink Fuel skins, I’ve been gravitating towards the pink/purple/blue/yellow eye shadows and loving every minute of it. I also adore the lips. They’re not over-done, which is something I’ve noticed that some skin artists tend to do (I’m not naming names, as it’s just my personal opinion).

Pink Fuel skins!

Pink Fuel skins!

One other thing I really like about Mochi’s skins…the freckles. I love freckles on my skins and it’s so hard to find nice, subtle-yet-noticeable freckles that look realistic. Pink Fuel, along with [RockBerry] and Curio, earn top honors in my book for their fabulous freckles.

NEXT up is Curio. A grid-wide favorite of big time fashionistas and newbs alike, it’s no shocker that Gala Phoenix’s skins are as lovely as ever. Allow me to show you the deliciousness that is Curio skins.

Curious about Curio?

Curious about...Curio in 'Bean'?

One thing I really like about Curio’s darker skins is that they’re some of the more realistic shades on the grid. There are some darker skins that have that strange orangeness in their dark tones.

Curious about...Curio in Petal?

Curious about...Curio in 'Petal'?

The lighter Curio tones are some of my friend Lola’s favorites. She prefers her skins on the lighter side, whereas I tend to go for darker/tan tones. Though I really don’t wear lighter shades much, I really do like Curio’s Petal tone. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I am crazy about Miss Gala’s freckle options.

Curious about...Curio Sundust?

Curious about...Curio 'Sundust'?

Last on the line up is my preferred tone — ‘Sundust’. Hmm…maybe it’s because Pink Fuel broadened my horizons, but I’m really digging the makeup on this skin. The flushed cheeks give an air of youthful freshness and the bold eye shadow almost seems to be a nod to Blondie’s Debbie Harry circa 1981 (at the height of her New York nouveau art-meets-punk phase).

No matter which skin you choose, you’ll end up a winner at this year’s Skin & Shape Expo. Have fun and remember to leave the lag at home!

-Skins: (pic#1) Pink Fuel & (pic#2) Curio
-Hair: (pic#1) Clawtooth & (pic#2) Curio
-Jewelry: Otaku Designs


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