Secret crushes revealed — with pride!

Alright, well, it’s not exactly a secret that I have a girl-crush on Heather Beebe of [RockBerry]. Sure, she’s afk 90% of the time when I IM her. I forgive her though, since she makes pretty stuff. Miss Heather’s newest skin line, the much anticipated “Farrah”, does not disappoint. It’s funny because I had been wondering when she’d come out with her next skin. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some “Uma”, but I’m an insatiable skin junkie, so gimme a break. I was going through my contacts’ recent uploads on Flickr a few weeks ago when I saw that Heather had uploaded a picture of herself wearing a striking new skin. I IMed her (she was afk, busy working, as usual) to inquire about it. When she got back to me, she casually mentioned that it was her next release and that I’d be seeing it very soon. I immediately got all giddy, my eyes were wide with greed as they devoured her teaser picture.

Heather recently made good on her promise that I’d see the new skin very soon. She dropped off review copies on me, much to my delight. My mouth hung slightly open as I tried on each achingly beautiful skin. My eyes were glazed over a little. I was in heaven! In the first two sets, I’m wearing the “natural” tone, which I feel shows off the skin best.

RockBerry - Farrah

RockBerry - Farrah

The body is lovely as ever. Soft and feminine, it’s Heather’s finest skin to date. The major difference between the “Farrah” and the “Uma” lines are the eyebrow options. Whereas “Uma” had  light and dark eyebrow options, “Farrah” only has dark, not that I’m complaining. I have no problems rockin’ blond or red hair with dark brown eyebrows (I have no shame — or as a friend told me, “We don’t care…we’re Latinas!”).

RockBerry - Farrah (Tinted)

RockBerry - Farrah (Tinted)

The lips, as on “Uma”, are yummy. Subtle but very noticeable, I think they’re perfect. The eye makeup options are awesome! Vivid and lovely, Heather gives us gorgeous colors such as sapphire, a beautiful bluish gray, gold and pink, amongst others. The tinted skins (pictured above) are fun. You’re free to tint your lips any way you choose! Feeling a bit goth? Go with black lips. Girly? Bubble gum pink it is! Heather lets us be creative!

RockBerry - Farrah (Tattooed)

RockBerry - Farrah (Tattooed)

Finally, for those who love ink…Heather gives us a tattooed skin! A swirly design with stars and tribal symbols, it gives the skin an exotic flair. Not too many skin designers have skins for sale that come with a tattoo, so this is a great option to have, since many Second Life residents love ink.

These skins, along with all of the other tones, will be available at the Skin & Shape Expo that starts on September 26th! As an added bonus, Miss Heather is going to set out a gift bag with Skin & Shape Expo exclusive makeup skins from her “Megan” line in four tones, but those won’t be out until Saturday (please, please, please do not IM her demanding the free gifts — they are a privilege, not a right)! Have fun at the Skin & Shape Expo and remember: leave your shields at home! The less lag, the better!

-Skins: [RockBerry] (available September 26th!)
-Lingerie: (pic#1) Cupcakes, (pic#2) + blacklisted + & (pic#3) V-Fashions
-Hair: (pic#1 & 3) Exile & (pic#2) Tiny Bird
-Jewelry: Otaku Designs
-Poses: Striking Poses


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