Pumpkin gets Blacklisted

Bleeding edge designs, by the beautifully twisted, for the unabashedly flawed. The urban grunge, gutter-n-geek, tour de force of fashion and art. Original creations for those who reject perfection and need no affirmation. Break the cycle of convention & discard the mundane. Be proudly inappropriate & get + blacklisted +

-From the + blacklisted + site.

Ladies love wearing lingerie. Men love looking at ladies in lingerie. Why else would a man get excited when the special lady in his life receives her newest copy of the Victoria’s Secret catalog?  One of the sexiest things on earth is a beautiful woman in lingerie, wouldn’t you agree? Most people hold to this sentiment, otherwise lingerie wouldn’t be very popular in Second Life, hmm?  With that said, I am proud to introduce you to blacklisted’s new line of clothing for the ladies.

Pumpkin gets + blacklisted +

Pumpkin gets + blacklisted +

For those who may not know, + blacklisted + is a new and upcoming fashion line that has already found favor within some of Second Life’s pickiest fashionistas/fashionistos in a relatively short period of time, since the store has only been open for less than a month. What initially started out as a t-shirt venture geared towards men is starting to shift towards co-ed apparel, as evidence of this newest release. Lovely textures envelope your body, pleasing both your and your partner’s senses. If you’re looking for something that is sexy without being sleazy, this is your lingerie. Even the more tomboyish set called “The Lonely Soldier”, which has a camo print on it, is sweet with it’s delicate lace trim and bows on the front of both the bra and panties.

The Lonely Soldier set
The Lonely Soldier set
Be Starin set
Be Starin’ set
Cornbread set
Cornbread set

Each set is $290L and comes with pant/shirt and underpant/undershirt options as well as a notecard explaining what inspired the designs and name. If you would like to purchase all three sets in a fatpack, it’s $740L and you get the fatpack exclusive: matching thigh-high stockings for each set for free.

Beautifully twisted and unabashedly flawed, these sets are sure to set your partner’s heart on fire.

Beautifully twisted & unabashedly flawed.
Beautifully twisted & unabashedly flawed.


-Lingerie: + blacklisted +
-Hair: Mirone (free@Glance)
-Jewelry: Caroline’s
-Boots: Bax Coen
-Shoes: Stiletto Moody
-Skin: Bebae
-Poses used: The Black Canary, *TorridWear*


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I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show. My momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Actually, I'm a lazy SL blogger.
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